Why we created SecretGoals.com

Achieving your goals is tough; sometimes it can seem impossible.

There are a million solutions, products, seminars, etc. out there to help you.

So, we thought we would introduce one more.

Actually we just really liked the idea of providing a place where you could be completely open and honest about the progress your making; about how you're feeling today. A place where people can read about how other people feel as they struggle through the same goals, provide anonymous support to help them out, and congratulate them when they're doing well.

There's something very powerful about reading about the ups and downs that other people are going through as they try to achieve their goals just as you are trying to achieve your goals. We don't often get to see that almost everyone around us goes through the same highs and lows that we do, and we hope that a window in to that will be helpful.

In this day and age when everything is so public and so much attention has to be put in to writing the very best status update, we're hoping that people will be able to let loose a little more when everything is secret. Maybe it will alleviate some of the pressure we all feel in our every day lives.

About Irrational Design

SecretGoals.com was created by Irrational Design.

We like to create unique products that help solve every day problems in a different way.

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